Abbott | Reed Communities: Multifamily Building Trends


Apartment construction and renovation in San Luis Obispo is on the rise. With a growing population of students, young professionals, and empty nesters looking to downsize, now more than ever is the time to take your multi-family properties to the next level. Whether you want to appeal solely to the student population or want to attract diverse demographics, explore some of the multifamily apartment trends keeping San Luis Obispo builders busy. The extra investment can go a long way not only in keeping your complex full, but also in keeping your residents happy and agreeable.

Multi-use Common Areas

Thanks to our technology driven society, people are growing more and more isolated, and don’t always have the ability to connect to their neighbors in a meaningful way. Multi-use common areas like fitness centers, rock climbing walls, communal gourmet kitchens and outdoor living spaces are not only attractive features, but also give residents common ground to foster community. Group activities within these spaces are key to engaging residents and forming connections that will create a positive living environment for everyone.

Special Services

Package delivery, dry cleaning, housekeeping and dog walking are all services that add convenience and value to a multifamily complex. Modern luxury apartments almost always include these concierge-style services, and having a familiar face to greet each day is also a comforting measure of safety for residents.

Sustainable Community Features

The sustainability movement is in full swing, especially within San Luis Obispo. Over 51,000 compost pails have been distributed within the community, and their use is evidence for the city’s preference for all things eco-friendly. Offering “green” residences would set your complex apart from others in the market. If you care about environmental issues, embracing composting, green energy, bicycle parking and communal equipment is a great option for your multifamily complex. Solar panels and energy efficient windows also come with tax credits, which benefits you and the environment.

Tech Upgrades

Providing high-speed Internet, smart thermostats, and app-based entertainment packages are well worth the initial investment. Renters expect modern apartments to come with modern advances, and are willing to pay the extra buck for these preinstalled conveniences. Tech-savvy students and young professionals rely on blazing fast WiFi for their work at home, so make sure that your business center is well equipped and reliable.

Whether you’re looking to invest in a new complex, or simply want to upgrade your existing apartments, our San Luis Obispo general contractors are on top of all things trending in multifamily housing. Check out some of our sustainable communities, and contact our builders when you’re ready to turn your dream into a master plan.