Custom Home Styles that are Perfect for Gran Cielo de Vina Robles


Selecting the style of your new home is one of the first, and biggest, decisions you’ll make during this very important process of building a custom home. Finding a style that speaks to you while also determining what fits within the specifications, parameters and terroir of the homesite is a fun and creative process.

Whether you’re ready to start seriously planning to move into a new home or just in the daydream phase, who doesn’t love imagining unpacking in a space you’ve made your very own. Who doesn’t secretly peruse through sites like Zillow for your dream house? Now, picture a “build-your-own-home” tool that becomes a reality.

That’s what Gran Cielo de Vina Robles, our premier gated community of custom homes in Paso Robles wine country, offers: the perfect backdrop for this exercise in expression. From modern farmhouse to mission revival, we’ve come up with a list of custom home styles at Gran Cielo de Vina Robles to help guide your journey of creating your dream house.

Modern Farmhouse

Modern farmhouse style is traditional without being fussy, classic without feeling like a museum, and comfortable without the clutter. Modern farmhouse style is a bit less rustic than traditional farmhouse and adds more contemporary touches like a neutral color scheme and smooth lines. Modern farmhouse is all about mixing comfortable furniture with salvaged materials like reclaimed wood and antiques that aren’t meant to be museum pieces but utilitarian and tactile.

Modern farmhouse retains a certain level of sophistication rather than kitsch and needless accessories.

Mission Revival

The mission revival style is perfect for Gran Cielo because it was born right here in California, based on the styles of our 18th and 19th century Spanish-style missions. Distinctive features include a mission-shaped dormer or roof parapet, as well as stucco walls and a low-pitched red tile roof. Arches, twisted columns and central courtyards providing privacy for outdoor living are all features of this style.


Similar to mission style, Mediterranean homes are known for their excellent combination of indoor and outdoor living. Based on Moorish, Italian and Spanish architecture, the floor plan is open and flows from indoors to out, allowing for airflow and accented with plants and natural elements.

Roofs are often low-pitched and often incorporate clay tiles, and the exterior is typically finished in stucco in white or earth tones.

The open plan keeps the environment cool and comfortable in a warm climate, perfect for Paso Robles’ sun-drenched afternoons and cool evenings.


Another architectural trend with California roots, the Craftsman home was born of the Arts and Crafts movement of the early 20th century. The Craftsman has reemerged as a popular architectural style in many parts of the country after peaking at the turn of the 20th century.

The style emphasizes natural materials and symmetry incorporates wood siding exteriors, low-pitched roofs with gables and overhanging eaves. Wide front porches usually feature tapered columns or pedestals that extend to the ground.

Homey is the name of the game when it comes to Craftsman style, and they fit well into most neighborhoods, including Gran Cielo.

French Chateau

Gran Cielo is in the heart of California wine country, after all, so the chateau-style seems appropriate. This brand of architecture is elegance personified, featuring steeply pitched roofs and ornate rooflines, turret-like features, dramatic chimneys, and of course, striking curb appeal. The French chateau is an homage to the medieval castles of Europe and fits in well within grand neighborhoods. Of course, in Paso Robles wine country, winery chateaus are scattered throughout the vine-covered hills; why not make one your own.

Whether it’s helping you realize your dream of an ornate wine-country chateau or the airy and openness of a mission revival, our passion is building a home that plays on your passions. Get in touch with us today to make your dream a reality at Gran Cielo de vina Robles.